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Gorbachev laments New World Order behind schedule, blames US for new Cold War « Aftermath News

Gorbachev laments New World Order behind schedule, blames US for new Cold War « Aftermath News

Interesting to think about.

[Edit: It looks like the actual blog is about conspiracy theories unfortunately… I found the original article at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/1933223/Gorbachev-US-could-start-new-Cold-War.html ]


Okay the designs done for the time being (including the cool banner from a map of the Roman Empire around circa 395 I found) . I’d like to make this site more akin to ‘the mother site’ it respect to functionality. I’d also really like to get an avatar working.

The reference software we used earlier was useful to an extent. But we never really got our hungry kitten mitts on the web version which would of been fifty times more useful.

I’ve blogrolled everyone who I could from the course (apart from Lynsey who appears to be broken). Adding new category called ‘notes’.

Hopefully going to establish who my supervisor will be. Although the criteria of my dissertation eliminates all but one.


 I’m going to go make spiced chai tea.. it tastes like ginger cake. Might play my violin, it’s my new destressing activity. Big shooting competition this weekend. Need haircut, new daysack and to see a man about some waterproofs as some scousers stole mine.

‘When Cultures Conflict’

A long, but interesting video, if you can be patient. called ‘When Cultures Conflict’.

The World Economic Forum YouTube Library can be found here.

Expanding ideas

Following along the fresh seam of the previous post. It would be interesting to do a cross-cultural study with research done in both the US and the UK. According to my good book ‘Collossus’ , the United States is an empire in denial. Do people in the United States agree with him? I’d wager they don’t, and wouldn’t want to. They maintain a bitter culturally embedded resentment to the United States being an empire.

Perhaps another road to follow would be whether or not people see the United Kingdom as an influential player on the world stage or a satellite regime that bends to United States (As North Korea is to China).


Maybe this is simply all a small part of what of Hunting calls ‘The Clash of Civilisations’. If I’m going to follow down this road or rather highway as it seems, I’m going to need greater clarity than this. I maybe  biting off more than I can chew.

Preliminary blog One

In this first blog post I will outline the preliminary ‘ideas’ for my dissertation.

#1 The discourse of Western imperialism in the 21st century

  • Has Western imperialism truly been iradicated since the end of World War 2?
  • What are the connotations of the word ’empire’ which have pervaded our culture in Britain/North America? [Semiotics?]